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About Us


Admiral yonkou is here to bring the utmost compelling theories and reviews in the form of article content. The dream began commenting on other people's social media posts expressing our view on certain aspects that would arise in a particular anime. Not long after, we decided to create a community of our own, expressing our thoughts mostly related to the One piece franchise, hence the name, but as time goes by, we decided to branch off and add more anime franchise under our umbrella.

The name "Admiral Yonkou" came about when a big discussion underwent on a social media page as everyone was expressing their views as which (who) one of the group is stronger, an "Admiral" or a "Yonkou".

Currently, the site is new and the community is small, so we are just at the beginning of our long prosperous and active journey as we aim to become the largest #1 source of anime reviews and theories across the web. 

We implore you to join us on our journey in becoming #1 and be apart of our social media communities as we post regular comedic memes and vines pertaining to the most entertaining anime and manga there is. Our communities are located on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. Each of which you may find the page as "Admiral Yonkou" As time goes by, we plan to invest a lot of time, money and effort in growing these individual communities to the point where it is active 24/7. 


There are a number of sites across the web that publish manga and upload the respectful animation, however, the source of publication are:
  • Mangatail.com (manga)
  • Taadd.com (manga)
  • Manga99.com (manga)
  • Nwanime.com (anime)
  • Watchop.cc (anime)