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One Piece manga 986 spoilers


One Piece manga 986 spoilers:

Usopp, Chopper and the red scabbards are heading to the stage too. Law is walking somewhere in the castle. Kidd and Zoro are still fighting Kaido's men.

At the stage, Momonosuke replies to Kaido's question. He announced he's Kozuki Momonosuke, son of Kukozi Oden and that he wil be the shogun of Wanokinu. When Momonosuke finishes he was some emotional thoughts and flashback about his parents.

Kaido is about to Kill Momonosuke then the wall explodes because of Yamato's handcuff. Appearantly the bomb in her handcuff is 3x stronger than normal handcuff that the prisoners wear.

This anger's Yamato to the point where she no longer consider Kaido her father now that she is sure that he would actually kill her.

Luffy acknowledge Yamato as a man by calling her "Yama-o", similarly as how he address Law, "Tra-o" ("O" is male reference), telling her that they won't be the one to officially start the war with the beast pirates. (Making reference to the scabbards?)

At the same time at the stage, the red scabbards barge through the wall charging at Kaido with intense killing intent. Izou kill shots the sword out of King's hand.


At that point, the nightmarish day about when he almost lost his head to Oden flashes through his mind, causing him to pause for a second (A yonko getting goosebumbs? haha! kudos to Oden) which gives the opening for the scabbards to launch a preemptive attack.

King tried to defend Kaido but was blocked by Kawamatsu with his sword, Inurashi does the same with Jack and Queen. Nekomamushi failed to reached Kaido with his claws quick enough before Kaido came back to his senses, which results in Kaido blocking his attacks by grabbing his head. Ashura, Kiku and Raizo are behind Kinemon and Denjiro who were the only one that manage to reach Kaido's body with their sword causing, all of them to fall off the stage.

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