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One Piece manga 983 "THUNDER" review



So Perospero  made it to Onigashima using his "candy slug", but more over, he's not liking the idea of an alliance with the Beast pirates. This situation alone give countless thoughts as to what's coming next in terms of the Big mom pirates. 
Big Mom pirates

Perospero left his younger siblings behind on the ship, but what could he had hope to gain by going to Onigashima by himself? But then again, it's not like beast pirates are going to attack him to begin with unless he foolishly shows his disapproval of the alliance by attacking them. Speaking of disapproval, I honestly don't think Big Mom is approving of the alliance either ('the apple doesn't fall far from the tree'). Knowing Big mom's greedy and untrustworthy personality that she showed back on Whole cake island with Germa kingdom, it's not unlikely that she is only pretending to be an ally so that she could get something of value before showing her true intentions/colors towards the beast pirates. By value i meant, Zeus, Luffy, red poneglyph and/or something else that we are yet to know about. 

She knows very well that she's in the territory of another yonkou, and she alone could not take on Kaido and all his underlings, so the safest way out of the situation was to play along with Kaido, to get her crew in Onigashima, so she and/or they could sneak around more easily without arising suspicions to find anything worthy taking. Of course this theory won't be confirmed until she and Perospero see each other again. With this theory in mind, and the set up that Oda has built so far, a three (3) way battle between Luffy's army, beast pirates and Big mom pirates would not only be completely mind blowingly epic, but would also make sense since the beast pirates + Orochi's samurais out numbered the strawhats alliance by 1:3 at the very least, including Nekomamushi and co. 
Nami x Zeus

So it appears that Zeus is in hot water just as Nami. Never thought Big Mom would have the intention to kill Zeus, but I guess a betrayal to a mighty figure is no different that spitting in his/her face, which would result in death. But the killing of Zeus would more likely be like Big Mom taking his soul and putting it in something else, since that part of her soul, hence part of her strength.

Each of the known 4 worst generation members running around causing amok, are all busy fighting off an army by themselves. Zoro be fighting a bunch of gifters while Luffy was about to single handedly beat two tobi robbo IN HIS BASE FORM until "you know who" came to give the final blow on Ulti.

Even though some of the beast pirates are fighting, most of them are still partying, eg: Queen, and this will be one of, if not their fatal mistake as Luffy and co take down a few of their members, Kyoshiro and co are still closing in getting ready to ignite the war which will catch them by surprise.
Luffy Haki

Luffy finally started using haki for the first time since the raid started. I did mentioned in [CHAPTER 980: "FIGHTING MUSIC"] that he was saving his haki for Kaido his haki gets used up the more it is use. While on that topic, it's hard to say whether if it's Page one that's weak or its Luffy who's gotten stronger to be able to beat a tobi roppo with one attack (strongly think its the latter).

Yamato finally take the stage. He wearing chains makes you wonder if he was being held captive, which would explain why Kaido said "his idiot son has 'escaped'". But escaping is one thing, the real question is, how does he know about Luffy, especially if he was being held captive? You don't need X-ray vision to see that X-Drake is written all over this, including helping Yamato to escape, while giving him information about Luffy.

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