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One Piece manga 982 "RUFFIAN MEETS RUFFIAN" review!



So Black Maria is actually as big as Kaido; In [Chapter 978: INTRODUCING THE TOBBI ROPPO] we saw that she was the largest in size among her peers, but I honestly never expected that her size would be as comparable to that of Kaido and Big Mom.
Beast pirate

Well this chapter reveals the reason behind Kaido's intentions of wanting to capture the red scabbards alive. A lot of theories were circulating around about that, which would make sense, but since he's allied with Big mom, could their first objective to world conquest is to gather an army and search the ends of the earth for the other red stones scattered across the world? In fact, it could even be possible that he (or they; Kaido & Big mom) already know where the fourth red stone is but can't get to it by some means, whether it be: its being heavy guarded (by marines?) and a large scale war would breakout if they try to get it. Or the location of the red stone is unreachable, maybe due to lacking of a resource or something along that line.

Kanjuro making it to Orochi first could actually be a blessing in disguised. Due to many of Kaido's men mistaking him for the enemy, he was force to cut many of them down, as result, the enemy numbers have dropped, even if it's by a little, it's still considered as a help. Feats like this cause the scale to slowly lean until both sides are on even grounds, especially now that Marco and Nekomamushi are here, the scale is leaning in Luffy's favor more and more. 
Marco the phoenix

However, though they may be fodders, Kanjuro seems to have taken out quite a few of Kaido's men, and he doesn't seem tired or hurt in the least. This shows that he might possess quite a bit of strength, possibly above that of even Kinemon. If that's the case, it would be quite fitting if he's as strong as Denjiro (Kyoshiro) which would make their match up, "The Hero (spy) vs (spy) The Traitor" utmost fitting.

So Fukurokuju gave Orochi a half-detailed report of about situation regarding the samurai, and he's shaking uncontrollably in fear. Now could you imagine how he's react if he actually got the full report of the actually situation? He no doubt would've sh*t himself right then and there. I did mentioned in [CHAPTER 981: ENGAGEMENT] that if Orochi heard about the situation, his first intention would be to try and flee Onigashima, albeit being next to Kaido is probably the safest. Well his reaction in this chapter to a half baked report more than confirm that theory. I'm just dying to see who get's the first hit on Orochi. But for some reason, I can't help but think that Luffy will give a very satisfying hit on Orochi among others.

The many questions and theories expressed in [WHY DIDN'T WHITEBEARD COME TO HELP ODEN] has been proven and answered as Marco answers to an unknown figure (Izou?) about the unknown situation that surrounds Wano. Because of this secrecy, both Kaido and Orochi had their way for two (2) decades. If the Revolutionary army knew that the weapons Doflamingo was selling was made in Wano, it's highly possible that they would've tried to destroyed that factory long ago.

Moving on, so my theory about Kyoshiro not needing the beast pirate disguise expressed in [CHAPTER 979] was actually on point. I would've been highly suspicious for him to be wearing the beast pirate disguise when everyone already thinks of him as an ally. However now that Kanjuro is with Orochi, he's about to break that news to him about Kyoshiro's true identity.

Mean while at Kinemon's location, Usopp finally getting a little taste of "Whole cake island arc" (lol 😂). Big Mom getting a direct hit by the tank and that didn't even phase her in the least. Chopper and Usopp's plot to lead Big Mom away is about to fail being Prometheus is calling to her about Zeus. Now she'll be all over Nami like butter on a bread; unless she's so far away that she can't hear Prometheus voice calling out to her.

Well as for the end of this chapter, Ulti stares in the face of her own demise. Even with Page one, Luffy alone, not including the other three, is enough to beat both them. Sanji defeated Page one once, and that was by kicking, if he transformed, he'd be an easy target to get Zoro cut down by either Zoro or Killer. Either way, getting rid of two of the tobbi roppo in one go is a big win for Luffy's alliance.
Luffy vs Ulti
In fact, Oda might just use this to foreshadow Luffy's current strength, then all the other beast pirates fodder who's chasing him will realize that he's far out their league. 

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