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One Piece manga 981"ENGAGEMENT" review



So Apoo survived but took some serious damage; well that was expected, cause if he had be knocked out in just one attack from another worst generation member, whether it be a surprise attack, he wouldn't deserved to be consider apart of the worst generation. If that attack was from a 1st level commander, admiral or Yonkou on the other hand, by all means, I would commend him if he had play dead. (lol)

I don't know about you, but to me, Queen is the funniest Beast pirate commander of the three (3), his surprise reactions always makes a good funny scene that reminds you of the old One Piece funny moments.

We finally got to see what a "Number" looks like. It's hard to say whether or not its a genuine giant from Elbaf or not. In fact, their 'gigantification' could also be a side effect of the SMILE fruits as well that we are yet to know about about. 
In early chapter, numbers silhouettes seems as if they were beasts that possess low intelligence, however, Hacha seems to be among the few (or the only one) that realize that Queen is lying about the reward for catching/killing a worst generation member.

For some reason, Kidd doesn't seem to be please that he was saved by Luffy. Apoo devil fruit doesn't seems to be all that powerful, but then again, there are no weak devil fruits, just weak devil fruit users. Just by simply covering your ears you may avoid taking damage from his attacks. While on the topic of Apoo's devil fruit, it is unheard to clad intangible substance (air, sound, etc.) with haki. If that's the case, then his devil fruit powers are completely ineffective against logia type users.

So it's finally confirm that Orcohi was the one that fed Killer the SMILE, convincing him it was an chance to save Kidd. The number of heinous and immoral acts committed by Orochi just keep piling up. There's even a high possibility that after getting word of the numerous pirates and samurais raiding Onigashima, his first intention (probably his only) is to flee, rather than to fight.

Chopper staring in the eyes of death, he's no doubt about to wet himself if he haven't already, but its highly probably that Big mom won't recognize him since he's in the beast pirate attire and would mistake him for a gifter.

Now as usual, the biggest highlight of the chapter is save for last, Marco arriving at Wano. As i mentioned in [WHO ELSE IS COMING TO WANO?], Nekomamushi did brought Izou, and possibly a number of Whitebeards pirates remnants aswell. Oda is savage for trolling the Big Mom pirates in such a way, first King and now Marco. Both did the same thing to them, so the question is, whether or not they'll try to enter a third time?

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