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My Hero Academia manga 275 "ENCOUNTER PT 2" review



Just as I mentioned in [CHAPTER 274: "ENCOUNTER" review] Endeavor is oblivious to Deku's inheritance of One for All. The only few that seems to full grasp whats going on at the present moment are Gran Torino, Eraser head and Bakugo, considering they're the few that know of the relationship between Deku and All Might.

What's more interesting though is the fact that Bakugo thinks he has a feasible plan that could defeat Shigaraki. Bakugo has always been the #1 among his peers so I don't want to doubt his abilities too much to the point I'm underestimating him cause he's always full of surprises. However, as how Shigaraki is now, the most that plan will do is slow him do at most.

Even at this point in time, Bakugo still believe he's responsible to All Might's retirement; in other words, he carrying a mountain size burden on his shoulder, and it seems that that burden would not dissipate until he's gotten his revenge on the league. Just like Deku, he'd trained with Endeavor so no doubt he has also grown in strength, but highly doubt that its sufficient enough to phase Shigaraki.

There are currently two persons in the MHA universe that has the key component is defeating the now overpowered Shigaraki, namely: Eraser head, and Eri. 
Eraser head can nullify his quirks just by looking at him. Eri can reverse his dramatic transformation all the way back to before he had developed his quirk.The latter would be more effective, but unfortunately, Eri is too young nor is she able to control her quirk, which leaves Eraser head as the only possible way of defeating Shigaraki as of now. 

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