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My hero academia (Boku no Hero academia) manga 274 "SEARCH" review



So this chapter is about the "number 1 hero" vs the "number 1 villain", which to my surprise, Endeavor was actually putting up a decent fight. I can't help but think that I was a bit narrow minded to think that Endevaor wouldn't really be much of a match to Shigaraki.

In the past, he fought a high end nomu, which is obviously weaker than the current Shigaraki, even though he was holding back most of his powers due to the fact that their were surrounding buildings and citizens, he suffered some serious damage as a result.
Endeavor vs High end nomu
However in his defense, Endeavor is has always been the runner up behind All might, and his bold heroic figure alone shows that he has a lot of fighting experience under his belt. 

*Experience > Power*

"Power is nothing if you don't have the Experience to control it"

Now that Shigaraki has created a battlefield for him, he's taking full advantage of that by unleashing most, if not all of his fiery might; "Hell's curtain" is basically an ocean of fire spreading across the landscape in seconds. If it wasn't for Shigaraki healing quirk, then no doubt that he'd be turn to ashes by now. It's hard to say whether it's instinct or another another soul (like Midoriya and the previous inheritors) is telling Shigaraki to get One For All.

Based on Endeavor's reflex and reflex speed, it seems that he's using his flames to move his body even while in mid air, and also boosting the speed of the reaction with his flames. On page 5, he was an arm's left away from Shigaraki but manage to dodge in the blink of an eye, while making it behind him to do a counter attack, a powerful one at that. On page 6, you could see that he uses his arm to propelled his body in angle which gives power to his upcoming attack. 

In anycase, as strong as Endeavor may be, Shigaraki still has a big advantage; that is, no body knows how many quirks, type of quirk, and quirk abilities he possess as of now.

Many people know of All Might's strenght and quirk abilities. But how many poeple know of the name of his quirk? If I may guess, it's only a few that does, in fact, Endeavor doesn't seem to know that Midoriya inherited it from All Might. Bakugo is one of the few that knows about Midoriya's secret, so even without conversation, he knows exactly whats going on. 

Midoriya vs Bakugo
No doubt that Midoriya has made a shocking growth, now being able to use One For All 45% plus the black whips, but there is still the question on whether or not he has any experiences using the other quirks aswell. If not, then have we seen his limit to using One for All or can he go more than 45%? In any case, these two are destine to fight, and its going to be one hell of a show down. I'm more anxious to see all that fighting in animation than in the mange.

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