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Black Clover manga 253 "BLOODSHED" review



So even being completely pierce by Noelle's water spear, demon possessed Vanica still had the strength to fight back, not only that, she was under water, so of course her breath should be limited, but despite all those factors against her, that still wasn't enough to defeat her.

Does devil power = healing? Or is Vanica a special case? She was completely pierced by Noelle, and it's like that didn't even affect her in the least, in fact, on page 11, there was no wound shown in her abdomen area. If Vanica is a special case, then my money is that its not because of her devil powers, but mainly because of her blood magic. Obviously that magic can stop bleeding, or even possibly heal wounds.

Vanica releasing 50% of her demon power at the get go is like simultaneously neutralizing the water magic that surrounds her. She is still powerful, her blood still congeal, she talking as if she's able to breathe, and she still able to move. Could you imagine if she wasn't in that watery tower? Noelle and co wouldn't have chance if that was the case. Further more, her powers were still on the rising,

Over the past few chapters, even including Asta, it seems the higher of a devil power percentage that's been release, the more demonic that person becomes, not just in power, but in looks. So it begs the question, if they release a full 100%, would they be completely taken over by the demon and lose their humanity, body, and/or soul?

In any case, just like that, our sexy black bird saved the day. We're all well aware of how powerful her sealing magic is, but now that its been enhance by mana runes, could you imagine how strong of a seal she can make. So among the 3 dark triads, Vanica is the first to fall, and I'm also guessing that she might've been the weakest.

Why? before Zenon released 40% of his devil powers and completely over powered everyone, he didn't even get a scratch on him; Dante was force to released about 50% of his magic, but even before that he was having a hard time with Yami, which is a captain in his defense. Vanica, however released 50% from the get go, but none the less, she was basically out smarted by the others, and would've won in a prolonged fight. But either way this is a good way to judge the caliber, or the difference in strength between the dark triad members.

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