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Black Clover manga 252 "WATER CRUSADE" review



Chapter started off with Noelle making a preemptive strike against Vanica, which she immediately counter with her blood magic. She is the second known person in the series to be using blood magic.

 The first was the Witch Queen, but even with the demon, is Vanica on the same level as the Witch Queen? Maybe or maybe not. Even Vanica (Megicula) curse magic would probably have little effect on the queen since she can cure curses. A match up between the two blood magic users would be rather entertaining.

I rather not comment on the tongue magic, that's a bit disturbing to me. Anyways, That Vanica using her "Red beast" to launch a number of slashes to her opponents were block by #Lolopechka (Loropechika in the anime) water wall, but that attack doesn't seems to discriminate as it even attacked her own subordinate. But being that he's under a curse, that barely affected him.

Though I wonder, if all those damage receive while under the curse, is accumulated or not. If it is, then after the curse is broken, wouldn't that mean that all those damage will then take effects immediately after the curse is broken and they'll die instantly?

So it turns out that they do need Yami alive in order to conjure the Tree of Qliphoth, but then agian, since this magic is some what above the ordinary, its possible that it could be a forbidden magic, and as such, it would have some serious back lash. Worst case scenario is that Yami would be dead or suffer from something worst than death.

The princesses of the Heart kingdom and their inheritance are like Aurther + Excalibur from The Seven Dead Sins. Which each inheritor of the sword also gets the powers, skills and experience of its previous wielder.

In [CHAPTER 246] review, I mentioned a theory that if the dark triads were to have their way, the humanity would basically be on the verge of extinction. Lolopecka confirm that theory wasn't far from the truth. Demons walking among the humans going on a genocidal crusade is basically the apocalypse aka "End of Days". 

But what I don't understand is why would the dark triads and the disciples go to such extent for the demons. Could it be that their being forced or manipulated? 

In the end, Vanica was put at an overwhelming disadvantage, but will that be enough? Noelle manage to get a direct hit on her but she was smiling and even praising her opponents. After all, we barely saw her using any magic at all except her "Red beast" (not including curses)

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