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Black Clover 254 manga "DIFFERENCE OF POWER" review.



So just when we thought that Vanica as fallen, Megicula decided to take the stage. Among many of the rare types of magic that we've seen so far, "falling world" is one of the best. It reduces magic effect/damage that you'll take after the magic has been cast. Without limitations, a magic like that could make someone nearly invincible, or at the very least, have high resilience. 

I don't know about the next person, but just reading the manga alone, Megicula gives me the creep, though Gred had a more terrifing impression probably because he didn't need nor have any human host at the time of fighting. Further more, his "word magic" is more powerful than Megicula curse magic.

One thing that did stand out in this chapter that raised a few eyebrows was when Megicula said, "It was my first time cursing 'A' water spirit." It could be a grammatical error, cause we've been told that their were only four (4) elemental spirits. So if that's the case, then the correction to that statement would be, "...first time cursing 'the' water spirit". On the other hand, If it was not an error, could there actually be more spirits of each elements in the BC universe? If so, then it's most likely that they'll have different forms, or atleast that's what I hope, cause it would be rather dull for all the water, fire, etc spirits to have the same form. In any case, this is only a mere speculation until further evidence is given to develop a theory.
Undine confronts Asta

The last panel needs no words, but I'd like to address something very disturbing I saw on social media posted by a Sakura-tard fanboy, saying Sakura is more useful than Noelle. Take away the fact that they're two different animes, in other words, just because its two different anime-verse don't mean anything; now let that thought sink in for a bit.

I know what you're thinking, "What kind of non-intelligent life form could utter such a think?"

Advise of the day: "Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the more you speak, the more people will realize you're an idiot."
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