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One Piece manga 980 "FIGHTING MUSIC" review



Let me me just start of by saying that I love Luffy's bold personality. Regardless of how he's surrounded by countless enemies, commanders, two (2) yonkous, he wasted no time to "elephant gun" those food wasters. Pretty sure Sanji would be really pissed at them as well if he was there.

What Luffy's elephant gun did to that guy, reminds me of what Garp did to Chinjao's head. And as the captain lead, the vice captain follow; now here comes Zoro slicing and dicing looking like a badass hero whose here to save the day. But wait, this is the first time that Zoro didn't go the wrong direction! *Round of Applause*

Law face palm

At first, I thought was confirm that the "two idiots" that Law was talking about was Luffy and Zoro, but since he's not so close to Kidd, he never knew he was an idiot aswel. So in reality, there's "3 idiots". At first I really thought that Kidd was going to keep his cool, but it seems his hunger for revenge and hatred for Apoo are much stronger.

But wait hold up, back to Zoro, he said he heard a brawl, and then he rushed over, and THEN he finds Luffy. In other words, he wasn't sure if Luffy was in the middle of the fight or not, but yet he starts cutting building?! But then again the blade he's holding is Enma (correct me if I'm wrong), so in his defense, that wasn't a cut, more of a scratch (lol JK). Zoro scolding Luffy about something he did, but he himself did something more outstanding (a pot calling a kettle black #idiom), even Kidd and Killer are reacting to his speech. 

Double face palm
Law Doing double face palm after witnessing Luffy and Zoro.

Nothing but destruction whenever Luffy and Zoro are together, this is what makes them one the best anime duos.

Queen is plotting to kill one of the tobi roppo?! There must be some really bad blood between them and the All stars as to why they can't get along. But if I may guess who he's targeting, my money would be on one of the males, except Page one. So that leaves, Who's Who, Sasaki and Drake. Would like to eliminate Drake aswel, which Leaves Who's who and Sasaki, but its too early for that as yet, cause we still don't know much about any of the tobi roppo.

For those who were wondering, like myself, how Apoo hit luffy when he could have used foresight to predict his attacks, or even used ryo to protect him self from the explosion, its probably because haki gets used up, and he's going to fight Kaido, so he can't be wasting his haki and fodders.

If you never like Kidd, you have to have at least a little bit of respect for him for what he did to Apoo. I really hope that the last of that annoying bastard.

triple face palm
Law Doing TRIPLE face palm after witnessing Luffy, Zoro & Kidd

So that's 2 (Apoo and Hawkins) of the 8 worst generation in Wano down for the count so far leaving 6 (Luffy, Zoro, Kidd, Killer, Law, and Drake). But then again its probably too early to count out Apoo.

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