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"Kizaru vs Katakuri!" Is Katakuri Admiral Level?


"Kizaru vs Katakuri"

Kizaru vs Katakuri

This matchup is one of the most anticipated battles that I wanted to write, and finally I did. Both characters in this matchup have a large fan base, either because of their powers and/or their character in general.

First contender is the Marine Admiral Kizaru (yellow monkey), who's real name is Borsalino. He possess the pika pika no mi which make him a light man. This means he has the characteristics of light, such as speed, and with speed comes with weight (force) behind his attacks. His devil fruit makes him one of the most formidable characters in One Piece, granting him abilities to shoot destructive lasers from his feet, hands or fingertips, teleport at the speed of light, launch attacks that spans over a win area, and best of all, creating a 'lightsaber' (a sword made of light :D #StarWars).

While on the other hand, the 2nd son of the Charlotte family, Charlotte Katakuri, who's also the first commander of the Big mom pirates, displayed feats in the Whole cake Island arc which makes him a contender for being one of, if not the strongest yonkou first commander.

Of course, that goes without saying, the strongest yonkou commander of them all, but that is debatable and completely speculative as we've yet to see King or Ben Beckman in a serious fight.

Unlike Kizaru, Karaturi possesses a paramecia devil fruit, mochi mochi no mi, with awakening abilities. This means he can turn himself and his surroundings into mochi, a basic ability for logia type devil fruit users like Kizaru. Please bare in mind, to change their environment's properties is not something a paramecia user can do unless his/her powers are awakened. Along with his awaken abilities, he has the most advanced observation haki in the series thus far. So advance that he's able to see a slight glimpse of the near future (foresight). With a combination of those two abilities, carved an undefeated record for Katakuri, where no one was able to touch him. During his fight with Luffy, he overwhelmed Luffy majority of the fight, even to this day fans are still saying Katakuri was the winner, but he gave the fight to Luffy out of respect.

In any case, the abilities Katakuri possesses put him on or near that of the admiral Level. He's no doubt insanely strong due to his foresight, but he's not invincible. So the question of the day is, can Katakuri beat Kizaru in a 1vs1?

The answer to that is NO!

Not being bias, as I would prefer Katakuri over Kizaru any day all day. But I don't see him taking the win over Kizaru nor any admiral for that matter.

Admiral Aokiji (kuzan)

Aokiji: Considering the mentioned can freeze his entire surroundings in seconds. That goes without saying the rocks, trees, and groud Katakuri turned in to mochi (if they were fighting for real). Katakuri fought for hours with Luffy before being exhausted, Aokiji fought Akainu for 10 days. I don't think Katakuri can turn a mountain or something of that size into mochi based on what we were given in the fight between him and Luffy, while Aokiji can, and have frozen an entire ocean, TWICE! 1) at the beginning of Water 7 arc. 2) At Marine ford arc (albeit a small part compare to Water 7 arc). In summary, stamina, power-wise, along with the same reason he wouldn't be able to beat Fujitora (see below), Aokiji would take the win.

Admiral Fujitora (Isshou)

Fujitora: This is where Katakuri would have his best shot at winning, but this mofo has a paramecia devil fruit as well making him a gravity man, though he may be the weakest of the current three admirals [read ALL MARINE ADMIRALS RANKED] he's considered a powerhouse along with Admiral Ryokogyu. He's blind so he relies on observation haki for sight. His observation haki is strong, but not on the level of Katakuri and Luffy's. Being that he can control gravity, he can increase the gravity in a specific area of his choice, an attack Katakuri could easily dodge with his foresight. Bringing down meteorites on his opponents is a simple feat for Fuji, but with Kata being able to create multiple fists ("mochi donut"), adjust the size of his fist to add more power, and even coating them with strong armament haki ("block mochi") altogether makes it hard to believe that throwing stones at Katakuri would be enough to beat him. However, what could be enough to turn the tides of the fight is using an attack that is impossible or at least very difficult to block or avoid, "Raging Tiger" ("Ice age" #Aojiki). This means that even if Katakuri sees the attack coming, changing his form would not make a difference against sideways gravity.

Admiral Akainu (Sakazuki)

Akainu: .......Sigh! I won't even go there. Let's just say Akainu turn the battlefield in a ocean of fire, or at least made it unstable with the magma (#PunkHazard) so unless Katakuri can turn fire into mochi then, he got no chance. For all the Katakuri fanboys (like myself) please bare in mind that Akainu is a human volcano that burns hotter than fire, and even creates fire involuntarily with each attack because of his element. So to cut this short, a few magma punches here and there, and Katakuri would be burnt mochi.

Admiral Kizaru (Barsolino)

As it regards to Kizaru however, it is evident that Kizaru would win. Where's the evidence? Remember Luffy's reason for using G4th Snake man which I quote:

Luffy: "Your color of observation sure is something...That's why I'll use...something faster"
[episode 870: Fist of Divine speed! A new gear fourth application!]

In other words, Luffy used (or try to use) speed to counteract Katakuri's foresight. But Katakuri said if Luffy's speed contradicts the future that he saw, he (katakuri) will just have to move faster than Luffy. These statements are acknowledging that speed is a feasible counteraction to foresight. If Kizaru is the fastest character in One Piece, thus far, then no doubt that Kizaru would be able to take the win over Katakuri.

Thus, the winner of this matchup is Admiral Kizaru.

If you disagree, please see share your thoughts in the comments section of this article or on the social media post. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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