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Black Clover manga 251 "CURSED DEMON" review




So apparently Gaja is the strongest among the spiritual guardians; that we've seen so far that is. Not sure if there's anymore guardian that we are yet to be introduce to, but up until now, Gaja is the only guardian that doesn't even have a scratch on him, and seem to have defeated his enemy with little or no effort. Even his colleague was praising his strength.

Anyways, the dark disciples possess a wide range of unique magic, but based on the previous chapters, the magics being used all seem to be the use of body parts. First skin, then eye, hair, finger nails, and now we got tongue magic? Damn! What's next, peni...you know I won't even go there, cause I would hate for the writer to prove me right.

I just love how Mimosa and Noelle didn't hesitate to take out that long tongue freak. God damn! I would hate to see the full extent of what that tough can do. It look like his tongue ate the gum gum no mi. 

However, victory seemed assured, until Vanica entered the stage and the whole atmosphere just got really intense. Her entrance scene looks like she was releasing her "spiritual pressure" #Bleach causing the intensity in the atmosphere.

Vanica and Lolopechka had a clash before?! Interesting! Makes me wonder what they were fighting for in the first place? In fact, what is the relationship between Vanica and Loloipechka. It could be just Vanica being playful, but it seems that they have a history together further than just the curse mark set by Megicula. Speaking of latter, what would've been the reason for Megicula to make Vanica fall back from her fight with the queen?!

Dark triad: Vanica

So many questions with little or no answers! This are getting really interesting with each passing chapter.

Forgive me but that scene with Vanica attacking her disciple made my "hentai form" almost took over. I mean, who doesn't love a good hentai up-skirt scene? But on a serious note, what is up with these guys? All of the disciple currently share two (2) outstanding factors in common. 1) Using the power of the devil and 2) All of them seem to fall head over heel for Vanica. It's normal to see a underling have strong dedication to their leader, but this dedication is a bit too strong. So strong that it seems to be artificial. If i didn't know any better, I bet that all her disciple are under her magic.

The strong dedication could be a side effect (or something along that line) of her magic that she is currently using to revive them. 
For example, in One punch man manga CHAPTER 102 -103, that sexy monster babe that was fighting Sweet mask was using a whip to control her victim until they're dead or restrained, but none the less they all have strong urge to obey her every command without defiance as they have completely fallen for her.

None the less, whatever magic she is using, its quite formidable. Vanica her self is strong but to make matter worst, she has a number of underlings that won't stay down until Vanica her self has been defeated. One thing that is not clear as yet though, are the injuries of the dark disciples heal after they've been revived or not? If not, then they'll be like walking corpses until Vanica is defeated. On the other hand, what about their stamina and mana? Does it deplete and then refilled as they are revive or not? If they're still shackled by basic human limits, then it won't be long until they become power less human puppets not being able to cast any magic due to mana depletion.

Vanica is among the three dark triads, so no doubt that her strength rivals that of Zenon and Dante, so just like those two, its highly possible that Vanica is going to taking the win, until next time.

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