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Black Clover manga 250 "CHARMY VS HA" review




So it turns out that I was right on the money in [CHAPTER 247] when I mentioned the silouhette that we saw was actually using hair magic; though I did question the possibility of it being Vanica/Megicula though. In any case, it was a female using demon powers so I was half right (haha). 

Looking at her, and how her hair is all over the place setting fire all over the Heart kingdom reminds me so much of Kaguya and her hair (#Naruto), but then again Palm (Hunter x Hunter) after she became a chimera ant would be a better comparison. Also, seeing Charmy all chubby looking with a serious face, reminds me of Luffy at Udon. Come to think of it, Luffy gets mad at anyone who hurt the person that fed him food. Charmy over here giving off that same vibe.

Wait hold on, skip everything else, but did I miss something or did that fox literally just seasoned the enemy and cooked her and was about to eat her whole? When did Black Clover became so dark? Lol.

Based on how those runes pattern are set, it seems as if any one within that domain (kitchen?) can't escape, and will serve as an ingredient to the fox. It was said that Charmy in her adult form has powers that rivals the elves, so one could only imagine how much stronger is now after learning to use runes to enhance her magic.

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