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Black Clover manga 249 "LEO VS SIBWAL" review



Leopold Vermiilion

Damn! Is it mean or is Leo looking more and more of a bad guy as time passes. His new hair cut makes him look like he's more sinister than ever. But then again, comparing to his sister, he's cute little baby cub lion.

So in the previous chapter, [248: LUCK VS SBENKING] we had skin magic, now, we have eye magic?! The eye magic is well suited for long range attacks, and even more effective for spying.

[Sanji's voice: I wonder if it could be use to see in the women bathroom...no mean, to protect my friends? *DWL*]

I nearly choked on my own juice after witnessing "Fire magic: profound spiral flames", due to the size of that magic. Usually magic of that size would be performed by captain level character (or Yuno). Though it looks big and powerful, it seems to be lacking speed hence why Sibwal was able to easily dodge it. Not good for far range I guess, but in close range, it could do some serious damage. We can thank Sibwal for volunteering to be target practice to prove that fact.


Characters that never experience pain in battles usually fight at long distance or behind strong armor (Cracker from One piece), and lack the resolve when it comes to making hard decisions that consist of self inflict pain.

As i said earlier, i nearly choke on my own beverage after seeing the "Fire magic: profound spiral flames", but after seeing "Red lotus eruption", i was lost in my own thoughts. I swear seeing how all of them are showing how strong they've become after training just remind me so much of One Piece post time skip. (Mugiwara vs Pacifistas)

I personally give this chapter a 8/10 mainly because it was too short, albeit longer than [CHAPTER 248].

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