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Black Clover manga 248 "LUCK VS SBENKING" review



Black bull Luck

Black Clover has taken its next step in to advance magic, using runes to enhance ones magic to make it stronger or making it more unique.

All and all, this is very similar to One Piece post time skip, with color coded haki coming into play. Magma unable to uses runes make is bit of a disappointment, but I honestly don't think that he "out of the game" as yet. Magma and Luck are rivals, so I don't think it would sit well with him knowing all the others are advancing and leaving him behind. This would mean he'll become more of a burden than of a help in the fight against the demons. So he's someone to keep on eye on.

A skin type magic that sense mana and and nullify magic which activates immediately on automatic, that's quite unique. In fact, out side the realm of speed, the only thing I can think of that can be effective against that time of magic are Asta's blade, and Julius time magic.

Luck posses by Elf

Luck's new magic, "Keraunos Raitei" is nothing short of badass. I honestly did not saw that coming. He became lightning itself which allowed him to pierce Sbenking body. Even if his skin were to sense the mana coming, there wasn't enough time for it to activate.

The last page hold the most hype of the entire chapter, it's such a pity that we only got a 12 page chapter after waiting two weeks.What a rip off. Sigh! None the less it's still better than nothing so I do appreciate the chapter.

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