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Top 8 things to Look forward to in the upcoming Wano arc war!


"Top 8 things to Look forward to in the upcoming Wano arc war!"

Wano arc has undoubted climb to the top as the greatest One piece arc thus far. Some evidence that supports this are arguably the fact:
  • That Wano has been hyped since the beginning of when the straw hats entered the new world and made an alliance with Law for the sake of taking now an emperor.

  • The antagonist is said to be the strongest creature in the world.

  • Oda said in the past that he doesn't know how Luffy will defeat Kaido. This in itself speaks a lot; the writer of the anime in topic has no clue of how a character he created is going to get defeat shows the monstrous power gap between Kaido and Luffy, at that time at least.

  • The anticipation of Wano soars through the roof after Kaido made his first appearance in the manga chapter 795 "Suicide". Seeing the bulky muscular physique of a man whose hobby is to commit suicide, after failing to die the 40 times he was sentenced to death, even after jumping 10,000 ft from an island in the air. Of course, in conjunction with his physique at the time of appearance, his past, not being able to die, speaks a lot louder about the overwhelming difficulty of bringing this man to his knees, yet a lot to defeat him by the likes of Luffy who struggled to defeat Doflamingo. 

    Luffy and Law vs Kaido
  • It was announced by officials that the Wano arc war will make Marine ford war look like children at a playground (not the exact words but you know what I mean). If you didn't know or wasn't sure, before Wano arc, polls across [REDDIT], [FACEBOOK] and [INSTAGRAM(<< follow us) shows that Marine ford war/arc was the top rated among all the arcs. Why? If I may speculate, I think that it would mainly be because: 1) of all the fighting, 2) the presence of some of the most powerful people in the OP world all together in one place. 3) Seeing the difference between an admiral and a yonkou (when serious).

  • For the first time ever, two of the four yonkou allied together to create the most powerful force at present. At the time of happening, chapter 954 "Like giving wings to a Dragon*," the first reactions/thoughts of the fan base through the world was, the ninja pirate mink samurai alliance chance of winning the war fell from whatever minuscule percent they had to begin with, to below zero 0%.

  • After Wano, Luffy, possibly Law and/or Eustass Kidd, will officially be seen as Yonkou, that has replaced Kaido and Big Mom. Though Luffy isn't an official yonkou, he already has the title of the "5th emperor", thus if two emperors lose their seat, those space would be up for grabs. Which of course should rightfully be for the other two supernovas that part takes in the war.
All of the points mentioned above are some of the key features among others, that were laid out to be the foundation of which the hype that surrounds Wano was built on. Now that the desire for the start of Wano arc has come to past, some new desires were arose varying from individual fan who has strong favors in their favorite characters. Hence the following is a list of scenes/events surrounding particular characters and the role they play in the upcoming Wano arc war which will lead to the downfall of the first ever, emperor's alliance.

The following list is not exhausted, but are a few events that are eagerly anticipating throughout the fan base. Hence its highly possible that these events will get the necessary attention they deserve from both the manga and anime production in order to satisfy fans.

Sanji's new raid suit

After revealing his Germa suit for the first time in chapter 931 "O-Soba mask", Sanji realized that the suit would be of big help considering how durable it is (minimize damage taken), among other features, but mostly because it grants him the ability to turn invisible. But seeing that its well obvious that the suit is from the very same family he despised so much, he said he will ask Usopp and Franky to modify the suit. So no doubt that the suit has been modified to look less like Germa 66 and more like a Strawhat pirate.

Luffy advance haki

This is the most anticipated thing everyone is waiting to see right now. After throwing a barrage of some of the most powerful attacks in his arsenal, Luffy's effort was proven futile after getting a one (1) hit knock out by Kaido. After that, he then underwent strenuous training trying to achieve advance armament haki in which he did with the help of old man Hyogoro. So As I explain in [HOW WILL LUFFY DEFEAT KAIDO], many are eager to see the new techniques and/or transformation Luffy will unveil in his fight against Kaido.

Zoro strength after mastering Enma

Each of the monster trio has gotten a power boost in their own way. As Sanji to the raid suit, Luffy to advance haki, and Zoro to his new sword, Enma. Among all the swords he had in his possession, enma displayed the most unique characteristic among any. He received the sword from Hiyori in chapter 955 "Enma", to replace the country's national treasure, Shusui, which he had in his possession. The sword was to cut a small tree but absorbed too much of the wielder's haki resulting in a much bigger cut than what was desired. Enma is on the same level as shusui, but is yet to be a black blade. It could be possible that during the war, the blades will attain such feats.

Zoro going all out

Since post time skip, Zoro has yet to be faced with an opponent in a 1 vs 1 that could push his back against the wall. In fact, to me, the only time I've seen Zoro in such a fight was with Mr. 1 in the Alabasta arc. The second hardest fight was with Kaku in the Enlies Lobby arc. Though those are just my opinions, many share the same sentiments. After the 2 years break and arriving in the new world, all of Zoro's opponents were not enough for him to go all out. We've seen a few time when he gets serious for a short while like: Using 1080 pound phoenix against and  Ichidai Sanzen Daisen sekai against Pica. 2) Fighting against Fujitora in One piece stampede. 

The Latter may be non canon but that was a fight for the history books. It was the first and the only fight to date of writing, in which we've seen Zoro exert so much effort. Because of how lay back he's been in canon fights, we haven't even got to see him use one of his most unique attacks, Ashura. I would not consider Zoro vs Hawkins apart of this list above, considering Zoro overpower Hawkins in the majority of the fight, and he was fighting mostly fighting to protect Luffy and Otama.

Luffy's new technique

Again referring to [HOW WILL LUFFY DEFEAT KAIDO], there's no question or doubt that Luffy will have a a few new techniques/attacks while fight against Kaido. His new ability allows him to destroy an enemy from the inside, while wearing an invisible protective armor. With that in mind, its logical to expect a new form and/or new attacks that are devastating against Kaido and Big Mom's hard skin.

Zoro vs King

Some might say this point is a bit redundant considering King is the 1st commander of Kaido, so no doubt he has strength comparable to that of Marco and Katakuri. As such, we expect Zoro to go all out in order to defeat such an enemy. However, even though many if not all are anticipating this match up, the possibility of that becoming true remains unknown as there are countless strong people in the Big mom Beast alliance such as Smoothie, and the latest to be mentioned, Kaido's son. His strength and character (as of writing) is unknown, but many fans are sticking to the bias of him being at least commander level.

Orochi's demise

The man that carries the torch for [THE MOST HATED CHARACTERS IN ONE PIECE] soon will have to pay for his sins. To honor the unfair death of Kozuki Oden, the death of this man should not be a quick and painless one. Just as how he was adamant about executing Oden, it's only fair that he will be given the same sentence or at least one that carries the same weight. In this case, it will be Orochi, Kanjuro, Fukurokuju along with any and everyone else who plays a part in turning Wano in the dilapidated country it is now. But there's still the possibility of that not coming true and he gets a swift death or a punishment that is worst than death. At this point in time, it's hard to decide who will get the honors of giving the fatal blow to Orochi, but one could speculate a list of people who might get that honors. [WHO WILL KILL OROCHI?]

Big mom pirates joining the war

As of writing, Big mom is yet to contact her crew/children who are still on the outskirts of the country trying to decide on what to do. Maybe they've made contact off-screen, and are on Onigashima preparing for the festival as well, but until we get an update, we are stuck in the dark. But being that pirate allianceS are marked with betrayal, I suspect that there will be a rift between the two emperor's later on, probably over the red stone as was explained in [WHY BIG MOM WILL BETRAY KAIDO]

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