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One piece manga chapter 976 "Allow Me To Introduce Myself" review

"Allow Me To Introduce Myself"

Chapter 976 left me thrilled and excited about the next chapter of what's to come. We finally have the 10th member of the straw hat pirates arrive safe and sound. This is the only good thing after a break in One piece, the next chapter is always "bomb", the releasing chapter is always better than at least the last two previous released. Honestly, it's hard to believe whether or not Kinemon sending the message "Port Tokage" was intentional or not, as the fellow Scabbards are pressuring him to admit that it was an unintentional mistake but based on his response, it gives the impression that it wasn't. he said he used up all the luck in his life thus far, so it basically was a gamble for him that he won. if you get a different impression then please do share your thoughts in the comment sections, as I love to compare theories.

The gestures of all of them admitting that they will die in this battle could be foreshadowing a death to come. This is a war against 2 yonkous after all, there's no way all of them are going to come out unscathed, and I even expect a lot death to come, but only at the fodder's level, with some serious scars for the main characters, but they ultimately pull-through in the end.

Kanjuro, other than being a great artist, seems to be stronger than originally perceived, I mean an ink cloud that rain arrows, drawn by his hair? Damn, that is something! It makes you wonder what else can he do, but we do know that if he's serious and dragon a fire breathing dragon, it could've done a lot more damage to the alliance than just to stall them. But then again, I don't think they would've given him enough time to dragon such a thing. I would really hope that Kinemon is that pale face bastard's opponent rather than to have some form of misfortune like getting caught in the crossfire of a battle be the cause of his demise. Furthermore, he said he was going to find Hiyori, but it begs the question, does he know what Hiyori looks like? Do anyone except Denjiro and Kawamatsu, know of her appearance, especially the time travelers? Well in any case, it's going to be a really good reaction by Orochi after finding put that he is completely obsessed with the daughter of the legend he killed and she was right under his nose the entire time.

Based on the question and answer between Sanji and Robin, it seems Robin already knew there was a spy among the scabbards. It could be a translation error, but I checked two different sites different translations which both implied that Robin knew of the spy and told everyone.
"It's safe to assume that Knajuro is "THE" spy", giving reference that this was a topic they had already discussed among themselves.

One of the biggest foreshadow of this chapter was Sanji, on page 9, he threw his self to cover Nami from those falling arrows, which may I remind you, bore holes in the samurai ships, but had left him unscathed. Could this be the modified (Usopp and Franky version) raid suit at work? If it is, then damn, Sanji is on a whole other level now. 

Jinbe's return had every strawhat member happy; If I'm not wrong, his recruitment was the most well-desired amount all the strawhats. On fishman island they expressed their gratitude towards him for helping their captain when his back was against the wall and had nobody, he saved Luffy's live more than 5 times (that I remember):

  1. Protecting him from Akainu TWICE (when his mind collapse in from Ace's dead body & While being carried by Lord Buggy in the Sky) at Marine ford.
  2. Stopping Luffy from breaking himself after losing Ace
  3. Blood donation at Fishman Island
  4. Rescuing him (& Nami) from a burning book #WCI
  5. Protecting the rear guard so the Sunny could escape the Big Mom pirates.
And that is just what he did to help Luffy directly, he saved the Sunny from Big mom TWICE: from her tsunami, and by knocking her off.
They waited for 4 arcs (Fishman island, punk hazard, Dressrosa, Zou) for Jinbe to join, Whole cake island is arguable among that list, but since he officially joined the crew there, it's not included, that's about a decade in real-time. He has proven himself worthy of being a mugiwara multiple times in many ways, making himself as valuable as a doctor and a navigator, and as strong as a chef and a swordsman. Law and Kidd's reaction to Jinbe joining the crew is a mixture of jealousy and surprise as they both know how strong Jinbe is.

 I lost count of the amount of plot twist, mysteries, and revelations that have happened in Wano alone so far, and there's still more to come. It is without a doubt that Wano is Ranked the #2 so far. The storyline surpassed that of Water 7, and the war to come is said to "make Marine ford war look like kids at a playground", (not the exact words but you know what I mean), none the less his arrival falls within my expectations that I expressed in [WHO ELSE WILL BE COMING TO WANO]?

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