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One Piece manga 978 "Introducing the Tobbi Roppo" review


"Introducing the Tobbi Roppo"

Kaido and his commanders

Well to start things off with this review, we see Chiffon reunited with her twin sister, in the cover. Commenting on the cover page story isn't my usual thing considering I don't pay much attention to the cover stories as I see many fans do. In fact, there are fans who believe that the cover page stories have some great significance to the story, or at the very least, are foreshadowing something that has to do with the main story. Not saying that they are wrong, but I, for one don't believe such, hence why I neglect it. However, it was heartwarming to see a pair of twins finally reunited after so long, hence the need to comment on such.

Moving on, things are starting to progress, preparation for the greatest war in One piece is falling in to place chapter after chapter. The alliance finally made it to Onigashima, by the way, is different from what I was expecting. The entrance scene had a royal atmosphere that I was not expecting. No doubt many of you like my self were expecting an atmosphere similar to that of Gloom Island, the home of Mihawk where Zoro was sent by Kuma. Maybe not that strong of an atmosphere but something similar to that effect considering the name of the island, Onigashima, is translated to "Demon Island"

Considering Kanjuro was traveling by air, why hasn't he arrive at Onigashima as yet? Could something had happen to him before reaching Orochi? If that's the case, then that would be luck playing in Kinemon's favor yet again. On the other hand, considering the biggest festival of the year is about to start, many formal duties are on break (eg: security guards). In real-time, during Christmas, it's very difficult to call many offices and expect an answer.

The samurai destroying the ships voluntarily shows their strong unbreakable determination about this war, and willing to give their own life to put an end to Orochi's reign of terror. In other words, there's no turning back now. 

So to break down the Beast pirates in groups, there are:

  • The Waiter: the one waiting on a SMILE (probably won't get any since the production has been shut down)

  • The Pleasures: The comedians who lost their gamble

  • The Gifters: The ones who gain powers from a SMILE. (unlike natural devil fruits, it doesn't seem like SMILE eaters can revert their bodies back to original form. In other words, their transformation are permanent)

  • The Shinuchi: They are the elites among the gifters. (sounds to me like these are the headliners)

  • The Tobbi Roppo: The strongest 6 among the headliners. Even though Hawkins wasn't apart of the Beast pirates for long, Drake is the only one who was recognized as a tobbi roppo. Not even Apoo had that title, though Drake was apart of his crew longer than Apoo. (NB: Drake was apart of Kaido's crew before time skip). One could use this as potential evidence to support a theory that Drake is stronger than Apoo and Hawkins. Another evidence is when talking about Queen sudden death/disappearance, they hinted that Drake would be next in line as a commander to replace Queen. This again shows that Drake is among the top tiers in the Beast pirates.
Well, in any case, the question that I've been asking in the previous chapter reviews, WHERE ARE BIG MOM CHILDREN? have finally been answered. They were invited on the island after all and are being treated as guests.

The Tobbi roppo being summoned seems to be a matter related to Kaido and his son, hence why Uruti asked "isn't this a family matter?" Everyone was quick to stop her from saying any more after referring Kaido as 'dumb'. It seems that her SMILE fruit took away her emotion of fear,  cause I wouldn't want to cross that road neither. 

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