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Black Clover episode 130 "The new magic knight Squad captain's meeting!" review


"The new magic knight Squad captain's meeting!"

Yami poking Rill
Yami x Rill

First of all, thank God that I was wrong in my previous article [EPISODE 129 REVIEW] about Black Clover going on a break for the 6-month training. However, I was wrong about somethings while being right about some others; the general population being completely ignorant about Julius situation was on the mark. 

That King Agustus Kira Clover XIII is so annoying. He reminds me so much of Shogun Orochi from One Piece. He was about to kill the people with boredom, luckily Jack and Yami being unruly as they are, saved the citizens from such a fate (lol). I mean, why would two squad captains be fighting in the middle of the capital near the wizard king's palace? This episode makes Yami falls within the category with other characters from various animes, like Garp (one piece), Kenpachi (bleach) of whom are badass but don't have any regards for authority.

 None the less, as with all other anime, the rivalry between Jack and Yami is one of the feats that make this anime tick as both are strong squad captain, which are held in high regards. Thus be expecting them to behave in a certain manner, but instead behave completely contradictory to that expectation.

The prickly queen's face being red led to Yami thinking that she needed to take a dump. DWL! But the question that Jack asked her makes me wonder if he's often locked in mortal battle with himself and pissing, as does Yami and taking a dump.

It's hard to decide if its, because Julius has done it before or is it because he's now in a child's body, makes everyone have such low expectation of him not coming to the meeting after summoning them.

I love the fact that Yami wasn't even hesitating to challenge Damnatio Kira for the sake of his squad members. But since Kira has such strong connections with the royalties of the kingdom, won't killing him result in some kind of repercussion on the Black Bulls? Then again what does it matter since he playing blind to the truth that the Black Bulls actually saved the kingdom?! To add salt to that wound, he wants to kill or outlawed the 2 remaining viable arcane stage mages (Asta & Yami) in the clover kingdom that could fight against the devil that will attack the Clover kingdom months from now.

The captains decided to have mock battles among themselves sounds exciting, but I wonder if unlike the manga, would they give us animation episodes for those battles. 

Julius is clearly in a league by himself, not just powers, but also character and wisdom. Despite being a child, all the captains still shower him with respect with none thinking about replacing him what so ever. They still follow his decisions without objections not to mention his kind lenient personality.

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