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Black Clover episode 128 "TO THE HEART KINGDOM" Review




Well first thing first, must say that Black Clover's current opening and ending are among my favorites. As usually the anime starts off with Asta being loud as always and Yami be crushing so heads, (lol :D) good old Yami. One thing I really appreciate and love about the anime is the pace, one anime cover about two to two and a half manga. unlike Naruto, the filler king, there's not much filler which can be really appreciated, especially during a fight; that was Naruto's biggest drawback.

As it compares to One piece, the animation scenes is not repeated nor dragged out which can be really beyond annoying at times  (Example: Zoro flying through the air before he cuts Pica)

Anyways enough rambling, let's talk about the anime, Finral meeting his brother who mocked him his entire life says a lot about how strong of a heart he has. Speaking of such, I think he has one of the biggest curse in the anime (lol), the curse that makes him flirt with every cute girl that comes his way, a curse I can relate to. 

Speaking from little experience but I honestly think that Black Clover anime has one of the best adaptation of the current top manga there is, among One punch man, Attack on Titan and Dragon ball super; something Toei can learn about. 

Girls keep falling for Asta, Noelle and Mimosa getting jealous of each other's interaction with Asta is beyond cute, but they're in for a surprise when they find out that  Asta is still headstrong on boning the nun that helped raised him.

Seeing the Heart Kingdom in animation reminds of the nostalgic feeling when first seeing Water 7 One Piece. In any case, the animation is a good 7/10. However brace yourself, as the 6 month time skip of training for Asta, could mean a 1+ year break from the animation for us., especially since we're still dealing with the corona virus pandemic. 

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