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Black Clover manga 246 "The Tree of Qliphoth" review

Black Clover the Dark triads
The Dark Triads

As expected, it was way too early and too easy of a fight for Dante to kick the bucket. Not saying that Yami can't defeat him, (he probably can or can't) but it wouldn't make sense that Dante, one of the top antagonists in this arc, made his first appearance and display of his powers had his first and final fight right then and there; the story must go on.

But before we dwell in to the manga, first i would like to shed some light on the title, which some people might have over look, while some just don't care about it all. The word Qliphoth:
"is a border-realm within the Interstice, between the Living and Astral worlds located between of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the holy Sephirot. The Qliphoth world is a massive tree of Death that is bigger than a whole universe and holds a great number of evil spirits and demons with many forms," according to fandom.com

The part in that explanation that really caught is the fact that this 'tree' is bigger than a whole universe. A universe hold billions to countless of living life forms, maybeit small, ugly, or whatever. But on the other hand, this 'tree of death' is the astral form of a universe but much bigger in size. If the writer of Black Clover is following this, then my question is, HOW MANY DEMONS DOES HE PLAN ON RELEASING UPON THE WORLD OF THE LIVING??

In the picture above that depicts the Qliphoth, I'm not sure if those are names of powerful demons written on both sides or probably universes. If they're names, then knowing a few names might tell us the name of Asta's demon, however if its name of universes, then it could probably test us the real name of the demon world instead of calling it the "other world"

To my surprise and many others, I honestly thought Dante was using Lucifer's (name of Dante's demon) magic when was actually using his own. Lucifer is to act as a 'steroid', or 'boost' to Dante's original powers, gravity magic. After Dante activated that otherworldly magic is when the realization hits me that the demons are acting as a source of power, whether it be raw power or a power boost, something similar to what you've seen with Naruto and Kurama (Kyuubi).

Speaking in Naruto terms: "Dante was using his own 'chakra' up until he got cut by Yami, and decided to use the power from his 'tailed beast'."

It's an undisputed fact until proven otherwise, that Lucifer has some form connection with the magic that Dante is about unleashed. How else would a human know how to use a magic spell from the other world and doesn't even have a grimoire from that respectful world? Either Lucifer taught him how to use it, or the magic itself is from Lucifer. (Eg: The red chakra are from the tail beast, but the host are able to use that chakra as their own when desired).

Once again, William Vangeance will be use to bring calamity upon not just Clover Kingdom, but the world. This explains why both the Black Bull and the Golden Dawn were the only squad hideouts to get attacked. If they needed both captain's magic to create this magic channel, wouldn't they need them alive? Then why was William beaten half to death, and why wasn't he taken by Zeon? What was the point of their attacks on the Golden Damn then? In anycase, unless I miss or forgetting something, I'm sure Willaim was not taken cause he was the one that saved all his members from dying.

A world overrun with demons is a world like Kimetsu no Yaiba. If you Haven't started watching/reading that anime/manga then I highly recommend you start doing so. That world depicts what it would be like living in the same world with demons, as no one is safe, from the carnage, death, and destruction their very existence brings, especially children. 

In the previous BC arc, we saw how manipulative, resilient and powerful Zagred (The demon that killed the elves) was, now imagine over 1000 of him! The world would be done for. But since Lucifer classified him as high ranking, then there must be low ranking demons who are not as threatening (The demon hierarchy seems to be similar to that of the Seven Deadly Sins: High ranking Demons with Intelligence, and strong powers, and lower-ranking with less of both). 

The Black bulls have yet another member behind the scene. But why wasn't he introduce until now and why was he in the Spade Kingdom to begin with? We first saw him looking at a graphical picture that is related to the tree of Qliphoth, but I'm more interested in knowing who this character his and where was he/she when the elves were destroying the world?

The Qliphoth art
The Qliphoth astrology

Black clover Manga 246 Qliphoth astrology
Sc.Shot from Black Clover manga 246 pg. 12

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