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One piece: Marines in Wano


Will the Marines actually come to Wano?

This is a question asked by many One piece viewers, mostly from the manga reader isle since the animation for chapter 957 "Ultimate" has not been released as yet. As explained in [Who else is coming to wano], Akainu now does has particular underlying reasons to go to Wano.

There are a number of reasons, mostly theories as to why most believe that the marines will be present in the Wano arc or atleast at the end, which are listed down below. If you (dis)agree to some or all the points listed below then please express your thoughts down in the comment section below as criticisms are always welcome.

Now that's said and done, let's get into it...

Why the Marine will come to Wano:

  1. The pirate-ninja-mink-samurai is still vastly outnumbered. NOT TAKING the Big mom pirates into consideration, Kaido-Orochi alliance alone is 30,000 men strong, out weighting Luffy's alliance at least five times (5x).

    Current at the time of writing, Luffy's alliance stands at 5400 men, and if including Nekomamushi and the guardians, plus Kidd and his crew, that's roughly 6000 men, and that's only being generous as I don't think the latter two (2) mentioned have a total of 600 men. However, considering Jinbe and his crew could probably fill the gap, and again, that's only being generous cause I don't think his crew has more than a 100 men.

    But I'd like to leave room for the possibilities of me being wrong, and/or more men accompany Nekomamushi and/or Jinbe on the way to Wano. So what does this mean to the Strawhats? Well, think of it this way, How many times have history repeats itself through Luffy as it regards to Roger?

    I'm sure you've lost count as well as I. I'm 100% positive that the marines find the Big mom-beast pirate alliance a much bigger threat to the world when compare to 3 small pirate groups (Heart, Strawhat, & Kidd). Sakazuki said that they don't have much resources to spare at first, but that doesn't mean he won't change his mind.

    So it's possible that he could send Fujitora to Wano since Luffy and Law are both there and he needs their heads. But since breaking up the emperor's alliance would take a higher priority, I honestly believe that he would choose to fight alongside with Luffy's company.

  2. This is also an extension to the point expressed above, Fujitora's possibilities of coming to Wano, along with Coby. Since Coby is apart of the Marine secret force SWORD, and their captain, X-Drake is there as well, Coby (Garp) along with Luffy (Roger) fighting the emperor's alliance (RocsPirate), one the world's biggest threat. Remind you of anything? #GodValleyIncident 

  3. Since there two yonkous present, there should at least be an admiral, or at least a character with comparable strength there to help level the playing field as I don't see how 3 small groups of young pirates are going to topple 2 elderly well experienced pirates from Roger and Whitebeard era.

  4. The next possibility of why the marines are going to, or should be apart of the war is because of the next arc, which I highly believe is going to be "New marine ford arc", a theory I explained with detailed reasons. Click here to read [NEXT ARC AFTER WANO].

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