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One Piece: Who else will be coming to Wano?


Who else will be coming to Wano Kuni?

Wano arc is said to be the biggest arc of the series thus far, and so far we have seen that to be true. The war hasn't even begun and we're only midway in Wano, but it has topped all its predecessors. But one of the biggest reason why this arc is so good, and keep getting more and more interesting is the fact that there are so many big strong characters/groups coming in to play. So far up to date, we have:
  • Strawhat Pirates
  • Heart pirates
  • Kidd Pirates
  • CP-0
  • Big Mom pirates
  • Beast Pirates

Two yonkous in one arc is a first, and best of all, we will get to see them in action [hopefully both]. But the icing on the cake is the fact that there are more key players that, theoretically, will be arriving. Some of which were already confirmed, while some are not but are hoping to do so.

The only time we got so many big-time players in one arc was marine ford arc, and the Wano list already doubles that. Though there are many powerful figures already present in Wano, there are even more that everyone suspects to be arriving and some I personally think that will also be arriving, and it would make sense if they do, considering Luffy's group being at an overwhelming disadvantage.

  • Jinbe [sun pirates]: Jinbe was last seen after leaving the Sunny to go help his fellow fishmen brothers to help Luffy and the others escape. But he swore that he would meet up with Luffy and the other in Wano. Even before the Oden flashback started, Luffy was worried about Jinbe and why hasn't he arrive as yet, but big mom her self was already here.

  • Marines: After Sengoku gave the young marines their history lessons about the Rocs pirates, and was about suggesting going to Wano, then comes Akainu stating that they don't have the resources to spare to go to Wano. Sengoku then did asked Akainu a question, which ended the chapter with a cliffhanger. So it's possible that Akainu has changed his mind after speaking with Sengoku.

  • Revolutionary army: This one is based on a personal point of view. In any case there are two particular reasons why I strongly believe that the RA might come to Wano.

    i) After Dressrosa, Koala was stating her finding to dragon about the materials used make the weapons. She said that there only a minute amount of places with has this material, so they could know where the weapons were being manufactured. Now it's confirmed that the Weapons are being manufactured in Wano, as well as people being oppressed and forced into slavery, to make matter worst, the World Gov't has a hand in that business aswel, hence why CP-0 was there since their mask, #Joker, was now sent to impel down.

    ii) Sabo is one that would always come to Luffy's aid regardless of his position. But no update has been given about his status and where about since his clash with the admirals at Mariejois. So this second reason is a bit more unlikely compared to the first.
  • Strawhat grand fleet: After drinking the sake and swore to become followers of the Strawhat flag, Bartelemeo stated that he was in the new world and the "big guns" would be coming after
    him so he needs an army. They then further added that when Luffy is in trouble, they would come to his aid. They already have a vivre card, plus news was published of Big Mom's contact with Kaido and their fight for Luffy, and that she was on her way to Wano.
    It would be logical to believe that two yonkou are more than what Luffy & company can handle, not just in strength, but also in numbers. So it would make sense that they would head out to Wano to try and help Luffy.

  • Marco: Before the start of Wano, Neko stated that they needed Marco's help, then which he left to search for him. Marco said he needed to protect the home of Whitebeard in his absence, giving the impression that he was not coming to Wano. But after hearing their mission and what they are trying to do [taking down Kaido], he gave a surprising reaction. Nothing else was given regarding Marco after that, so it's possible that he will or will not come. If he does decide to come, he would probably bring some of his other crewmates such as Vista, Jozu, and Izou.

Please bear in mind that the article was written within the midst of Oden's flash back. After that has ended, Jinbe was the first to arrive, then Marco and Izou. That is two (2) out of the five (5). In other words, only time will tell if this theory about who else will be coming to Wano is a 100% accurate as we anticipate other character's arrivals.

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