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One Piece: What if Oden had sent for help from outside Wano?


 What if Oden had sent for help from outside of Wano?

Kozuki Oden

Throughout Oden's adventure outside his own country, Wano, the land of samurai, he befriended many powerful outstanding people throughout the world. Some of those big names are, but not limited to:

Oden's closest Allies:

  • Whitebeard: He first left the country on Whitebeard's ship which he became the second in command after some months of traveling with them. Whitebeard was a bit hesitant at first about accepting Oden, especially because of his wild characteristics. A characteristic that is problematic at taking orders from superiors. A situation Whitebeard is familiar with; probably from the Roc's Pirates. After some time WB fully accepted him as apart of his family.
    Prime Whitebeard

  • Gol D. Roger: Oden spent a year traveling with Roger, in fact, without Oden, Roger wouldn't have made it to Laughtale, as such, he wouldn't have been crowned king of the pirates.

  • Marco: He was the 1st mate of the Whitebeard pirates, though younger than Oden, Marco was the first commander. Though details weren't given as to whether or not Marco was a commander at the time of the flashback, especially since he was so young. It would be hard to believe that at such a young age, he was stronger than Oden, who was stronger than Kaido. So with that in mind, it is questionable as to whether Marco was actually a commander at the time of the flashback.

    It's unquestionable that Oden was the second strongest in the crew after Whitebeard, hence, it's possible that at the time, becoming captain of the second division, it wasn't because of strength (alone).

  • Rayleigh & Shanks: Of course since he was traveling with the Roger pirates for a year, he became very close with all of them, that, of course, include Rayleigh and Shanks.

With the exception of Gol D. Roger, why didn't Oden sent for help from his former crewmates?

Shanks was not a yonkou until 4 years before the present, so its highly doubted that he was as strong as Kaido at the time, but he had his own crew. With over 10 people in his crew, they could've fought together with the 9 scabbards while Oden dealt with Kaido. Though the beast pirates were overwhelming in number at the time, it's arguable on whether or not red hair pirates were enough to suppress them. However, accompanied by Rayleigh and Gaban, destiny would be more in Oden's favor.

Why Whitebeard didn't help Oden fight Kaido?

Marco recently mentioned to Nekomamushi that he and all the other members of the Whitebeard pirates all like Oden, however since Wano is closed off from the rest of the world, word of what's happening in Wano did not pass its borders. 

If faith was in Oden's favor and word did reach Whitebeard of what's happening in two of "his family members" (Oden & Izou) island, there's no question that a raging Whitebeard would be knocking on Kaido's door ready for war.

Let's take a second to remember that Whitebeard didn't hesitate to start a war with the Marines for one of his adopted son (Ace); Do you think he would hesitate to do the same for his 'brother' especially since he was already familiar with Kaido since they were once in the same crew.

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