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The Navy admirals ranked


The Navy admirals ranked

The "admirals level" in One Piece is known to be the 3rd highest level in strength a person can achieve below the 2nd runner up, yonkou level, and then the pinnacle of strength, Pirate King. While there are a few who believe that admirals are stronger that yonkou, that's not quite true. 

Viewers/readers are yet to see an admiral defeat a yonkou; We've seen admiral fighting and injuring a yonkou, but did not quite defeat them. While on the other hand, we've seen a yonkou mop the floor with an admiral, in fact, this is making reference to the strongest yonkou at the time, Whitebeard vs the strongest admiral at the time, Akainu. As usual, all the theories so far are based on evidence provided in both manga and anime, with the manga taking higher priority of course. With that said, there's no room for groundless speculations on this blog.

Moving on, in this article I wish to highlight and rank all the admiral based on their strength with reason to support their rank in the listing. ( weakest → STRONGEST)
Before we begin the listing, a general factor taken into consideration in the ranking of all the admirals is Oda writing style to keep the fans amazed and begging for more. What writing style is this? It's how he showcase an antagonist as the strongest and then comes another, which is by far stronger than the previous. The antagonist timeline below is a graphical representation of what I'm talking about to help you understand my point.

Post time skip antagonist

Hordy Jones Ceasar Clown ➤ Doflamingo ➤ Katakuri
As you can see, he introduces one antagonist first, with the next one being stronger. This is how Luffy is able to grow in strength as he keeps beating each opponent stronger than the previous. If you disagree with this, then you are implicitly saying that Hordy Jones is stronger than any or all of whom who came after him, or Katakuri is weaker than who came before him. If so, then I highly advise you to stop watching One piece. haha! ๐Ÿ˜‚Just kidding!

Oda uses that same writing style in introducing the first 3 admirals pretime skip. This is one, but not the only factor in determining the strength of the ranked characters below.

5th Kuzan/Aokiji (Blue pheasant) 

(former Admiral) Aokiji
Was the first admiral to be introduced in the series, and was portrayed as an ultimate powerhouse as he froze an entire ocean between two islands. Then he went on by hitting all the monster trio simultaneously without any effort. But he left the Marines after he lose the race to fleet admiral position to another admiral leaving a blank space.

4th Fujitora/Issho (Purple tiger)

He filled the gap which Aokiji had left. Among the 3 pre-time skip admirals, Aokiji had the kindest heart. with Kizaru being neutral. Fujitora, as we've seen, is kind and caring and has the people's interest at heart. Aokiji uses ice, while Fujitora uses gravity. Unless Aokiji can unleash enough ice to prevent damage from a gigantic meteorite (he probably can) or to save himself from the destructive force from a sideway gravity, then
Admiral Fujitora
I don't see him taking the "W" over Fujitora. In fact, scenes from Marine ford arc implies that Marco and Ace could actually put up a fight against Aokiji. Not saying Jozu could've beaten him (He probably could) but the only reason Jozu lost, was because he let his guard down being concerned for Whitebeard's health.

3rd Kizaru/Barsolino (Yellow Monkey)

Admiral Kizaru
He ranks 3rd in both pre and post time skip admirals. Among the logia DF, Kizaru has one of, if not the most admired and powerful devil fruits. It's hard to decide which is better when compared to the Goro Goro no mi (Enel's DF), especially since both give you teleportation and light speed powers. He was the 2nd admiral to be introduced showing off the destructive powers of his pika pika no mi by single-handedly destroyed 4 members of the worst generation. Of course, that has people saying that light powers are way cooler and more powerful than ice. Because of those feats granted by his devil fruit,[CLICK HERE to find out which arc comes next].
It's hard to believe that his lasers can't destroy Aokiji's ice, but can Aokiji keep up with Kizaru's speed? In my opinion, NO! Unless Fujitora can open a black hole with his gravitational powers (he probably can, and that would be awesome) there no way his gravity can affect light itself; especially since Kizaru can teleport in seconds. Since he is speed with a color of yellow, many believe he will be Sanji opponent in the arc to come

2nd Ryokugyu/Unknonw (Green bull)

Since Akainu got a promotion and became fleet admiral, there leaves the spot for a hardcore, evil or strict admiral. Ryokugyu might not have any of those traits like Akainu, but it would make sense that he is somewhat of an emissary of justice like Akainu. Someone that has his own definition of justice and would go to any means in carrying it out (that description fits Rob Lucci very well, doesn't it? ๐Ÿ˜). Ryokugyu is the last of the admirals to be introduced thus far.
Admiral Ryokugyu (fanart)
His real name and face is currently unknown, in fact, the only thing known about him is that he hasn't eaten in 3 years, which sparks a lot of vloggers to theorize that his devil fruit is somewhat 'plant' related, especially since he is color-coded 'green', which many are indicating that he will be Zoro's matchup in the [STRAWHATS VS MARINES ARC: click to read more]

1st Akainu/Sakazuki (Red dog):

Fleet Admiral Akainu
Of course, it's a no brainer who took the number one position among the strongest admirals. There's is nothing weak about Akainu, as he has strong will power (he probably has conqueror haki), a very strong and overpowered devil fruit, with an even stronger sense of justice. He became fleet admiral after defeating Aokiji, so we know there no questioning who's stronger among the two. No doubt that after the 2year time skip, Akainu has become stronger thus pushing him in the ranks of emperor level. This would make sense since he needs to be stronger than Kaido in order to give Luffy a good fight later in the series. [CLICK HERE to know why Akainu is now stronger than before] He was 3rd among the pretime skip admiral to be introduced. He took the stage in the Marine ford arc and was always clashing with whitebeard....until he committed the greatest sin and Whitebeard had to teach him some discipline. The sin he committed landed him among [THE LIST OF THE MOST HATED CHARACTERS IN ONE PIECE]. Other than being color-coded red, him being the fleet admiral, which would be equivalent to the captain of a ship, he is no doubt Luffy's matchup in one of the next upcoming arcs.

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