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One Piece Manga 975 "Kinemon's plan" review

The first page of the chapter shows us Shinobu struggling to break free from a pair of snakes that has her tied down. In my opinion, I think Konjuro was wise to pretend that he couldn't draw. His drawing skills now, as compared to before are on completely different levels.

It is also heartwarming to see all the mugiwaras again on the Sunny. In any case, the fact that they drop a bomb on the sunny and it was okay, but the sunny couldn't survive a mere "ha
ndshake" from big mom (when she was looking for the cake) says a lot. Then again, she was directly behind the sunny exhaust pipe when they were trying to escape with cou'de burst, and she got up like it was nothing. These scenes are what demonstrate that a yonkou is on a completely different level than any other character.

One thing that puzzled me though; on page five (5), the left of where Kinemon is bowing (the page where Zoro is first introduced on top), there are two panels, one of Konjuro and the other is of Luffy. Konjuro had a sinister look, while something caught Luffy's attention. My theory is that Luffy's observation haki was in play and was reading Konjuro's emotions. Konjuro stated that he had no resentment, hostility or hatred towards the red scabbards, hence why it's possible that Luffy was not able to read his emotions until now. Moving on, now that Luffy and company are aware of the first ever emperor's alliance, their first reactions were a bit worrisome, but as the enemy toyed with their ego they no longer care.

The biggest revelation of this chapter, which many probably didn't even notice is the fact that Luffy just entered Gear 4th over some small fry (let that thought sink in). G4th is, or should I say, was Luffy's trump card in any battle so he would choose to conserve his haki as much as possible. The Luffy we know until now would never use gear 4th on a ship full of lackies. This tells me that G4 is no longer Luffy's trump card. Luffy is the type of person that you could defeat now but will come back stronger, and/or with a new technique. He faced both yonkou separately and was shown that G4th was insufficient to even arm them, let alone to fight them.

Don't agree? This chapter is giving that same vibe as Water 7 arc; after being defeated by Rob Lucci, he came back with the "Gear" applications and was able to fight on par with Rob Lucci afterward.

Going Forward, Kyoshiro (Denjiro) has finally decided to join the raid after using all that trust he earned over the past 20yrs from Orochi. But regardless of how many men they have, any team with 2 yonkous far out weights any other. Kinemon's seeing all his hard work and sacrifices paid off, as the sight of dozens of ships, filled with angered samurais, shares the same goal as him. This makes me believe that after the war, Kinemon will be a daimyo at the very least, in fact maybe all of the red scabbards will be daimyos (except Inu & Neko) of their own town for liberating the country from Orochi's 20-year long oppression.


The chapter was great, its everything I wanted and more, the only thing that I would change is the fact that there is a break next week. 😓 Sigh! In this time of quarantine from coronavirus, One piece is one of the few things that keep me occupied throughout this pandemic. Wishing all my readers to stay safe and come back again.

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