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Black Clover anime 129 "The demon Megicula" review


"The demon Megicula"

Black Clover anime Loropechika & Undine
Loropechika & Undine

Once again the animation adapted its respectful manga chapters really well. The fast pace of this anime is something that is praiseworthy due to most anime's poor adaptation. In any case, the episode did not have much action in it but was really informative as it regards to where the story is going.

Following in the manga's footsteps, they highlighted Megicula as the next main antagonist, along with the immeasurable strength possessed by Zeon. So strong that even fight-obsessed Luck did not want any part of him. Seeing the animated queen of the Heart Kingdom, Loropechika is like meeting the polar opposite of the witch queen in terms of personality that is. But it seems that their powers are on par, if not a little bit lower than the witch queen. Loropechika seems clumsy and week, but let me remind you that a character's strength, in any anime, does not only mean physical strength or powerful magic, but could also mean how they apply all their skills and information they have.

 I'm sure you're familiar with the old saying "Brains over Bronzes"; "information" can be the most powerful (lethal) weapon a person can obtain. In other someone who is omniscient can be as deadly as someone who is omnipotent. Loropechika demonstrates one of her magic that made her Omniscient. Still, we (manga reader & anime watchers) don't know how she was able to know about the situation in Clover Kingdom down to the smallest details. 
Eg: the wizard king losing most his powers is privy to squad captains and a few below that rank. Why? Could you imagine if word got out to the enemies that Clover has lost their strongest wizard? Hokage (naruto)? Captain (One Piece)? Morale would've risen thinking its the best time to attack has the "head of the snake" has been chopped off. 

A country's strength based on the amount of wizard they have closer to zero (0) is pretty straight forward. Just like how in the real world we determine a country's strength based on the might and quantity of their military toys they can take to the playground. Speaking of which, If the Clover kingdom would fight the Spade kingdom as they are now, that would be like Iran (clover) vs The US (spade) #WWIII. We all know who would've won that war with little or no effort.
World war 3 meme
World War 3 meme

Back to the topic, Megicula silhouette seems to be that of a female demon, so it would make sense that that particular demon would be in the body of a female host. But none the less, no doubt that this demon is a top-ranking demon if she/him is powerful enough to cast a curse on it's victims that can spread/incur any other victim just by talking about it. Imagine being infected with covid-19 just by talking about it? Damn! that's some demon sh*t right there. 
Vanica & Megicula
Vanica & Megicula

The sad thing about this episode is that it's giving the same vibes as with any anime that is about to go on a seasonal break. Dear God, I hope I am wrong, but that would explain the dramatic effects added at the end of the episode. Especially since Black Clover is yet to take a seasonal break, and its way past overdue for one. The 6 months training that the characters would take is like the 2 year time skip in One Piece and/or Naruto (Naruto Shippuden afterward). I was hoping that they'd do the same and fill that gap with some relevant flashbacks or informative episodes, but being that they did that after rescuing Asta and Secre from the execution, I don't think that they'll do it again so soon. If that's the case, I could only conclude that there's a high possibility that there's no episode next week or any time soon.

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