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One punch man: Characters that can defeat Garou


Characters that can defeat Garou

One punch man is an anime of pure majestic action ranging from the manga to the animation. Praying to god that they keep it that, and it doesn't become a "broken down tired horse" after the first few seasons like Seven deadly sins. 

Speaking of which, the manga has finally come to an end earlier this year after the release of its final chapter entitled "The End", It's expected to release its third chapter, "The four Knights of apocalypse", following: "Seven deadly sins" and "Seven deadly sins: the Ten commandments". [Read "The End" review] for more information.

Back to the topic at hand, as the story progresses, Garou is shaping up to be the final antagonist in One punch man. In short, the man who Saitama is looking for to give him back the thrill in fighting, as he is too strong and always win his battles with one punch.

Garou has already crossed paths with Saitama two times already, in which he was knocked out with one hit.
The first time was when Saitama was shopping to buy a wig to enter the martial arts tournament. The second was when Garou was trying to attack King. He has become twice as strong since those encounters, but there are still a few more characters that Garou is still not ready to fight (other than Saitama) such as:
  • Tatsumaki: Being the 2nd ranked S-class hero, she has the most powerful psychic powers on earth. Her character is a bit conceited due this fact. She can destroy her enemies from a distance without even getting close them, cause she can alter and mold her surroundings in any way, shape or form as she please. This makes her a bad matchup for Garou.

  • Silver Fang: The old teacher of Garou, the one that taught Garou how to fight is the 3rd ranked S-class hero. He set out on a quest to find Garou after hearing what he's been doing. Silver Fang felt responsible for all that Garou did and set out to find him, which he did.
    Garou thought he could've matched up with Silver Fang but had learned the hard way that he was far from ready yet.

    Though many can say that Garou was weakened from being poisoned and all the injuries he had from the previous battles. But even so, the pain is basically what makes Garou stronger, as each time he is pushed to the brink of death, he comes back stronger. 

    Being beaten and battered from the beginning, Silver fang showed no mercy towards his former student, luckily the monster association saved him.

  • Pyskos (fused with Orochi): Standing before another psychic energy user, Garou would not stand a chance. Tatsumaki is seemingly having a hard time fight such an opponent, at the time of writing. She would've died if it wasn't for Saitama involuntary interference.

  • Orochi: The artificial monster who was bred from a human being, nurtured and created by Pyskos. He had an encounter with Garou in chapter 92, which Garou proved to be inferior.
    One punch man Orochi
    He couldn't even get close to land a hit. This is one example as to why long-range power users have a higher probability of defeating Garou that close combat fighters.

  • Boros: This man gave Saitama the best fight since the beginning of the series; this fight was one of many aspects brought to us by OPM that gave the series the hype it has today, which attracted many viewers. On youtube, that battle was listed among the top 3 battles of its year on many channels. The explosive power, speed and regeneration ability that Boros has can tire out 'almost' all of his opponents. If he had challenge someone other than Saitama, then there's no doubt that the results would've been different.


  • Blast?: The #1 ranked S-class hero is yet to make an appearance at the time of writing so his powers and abilities are unknown. But if he was ranked above Tatsumaki and Silver Fang then I guess his strength is nothing to sneeze at. But since he has not made an appearance as yet, it's still a possibility that his power and prestige were built on luck and coincidence like King, hence why the question mark (?) beside his name.

  • Phoenix man (Resurrected): This disaster level "Dragon" monster evolve from a meager bird which Child emperor, who's also an S-class hero defeated easily. This character has the most terrifying abilities among the monster association. Whenever he's killed he comes back stronger, what's even more frightening is the fact that he can bring the dead back to life as zombies (I mean, who's not afraid of Zombies? #sarcasm)

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