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One Piece: Blackbeard vs Akainu


Blackbeard Vs. Akainu

Blackbeard vs akainu

In this matchup we have two emperor level characters with outstanding abilities. Fleet admiral of the marine, Sakazuki (Akainu), and captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard).

Both characters played a part in Ace's death, which puts them on the list of [The most hated characters in One Piece]. But one of the biggest theory that's been circulating since the dawn of time is which one of the two will be the final antagonist? which I already explained in details. 

[Click here to read who will be Luffy's final opponent and why?.] This article is related to the latter article mentioned.

We all know the story of each characters in topic, and in arriving at the conclusion of this matchup, only the abilities or character traits that were depicted or mentioned in both manga & anime will be use in assessing the difference between the two supernovas. So with that in mind, let me ask this:

Who is stronger: Blackbeard or Akainu?

One Piece Akainu catch Blackbeard
If you say Akainu is currently stronger than Blackbeard, then you are still stuck in the past. Shortly after retrieving the Guro Guro no mi and be demanding a warship from the marines, the Blackbeard pirates ran from Akainu cause without a doubt at that time, Akainu would've flushed every single one of them like the piece a sh*t they are. 

But after the two years time skip, do you honestly think that Blackbeard is still at the same level he was? 

Remember, that's two years of training the two of the most powerful devil fruits, learning and discovering their secrets, combos, awakening etc. Not that he actually have achieve all of that, but the few times we got to see him, shows that he has more control over the goru goru no mi than before.

Yes, Blackbeard does feel more pain than the average person but think of this combo attack from the a  mentioned

Imagine anyone who's a known devil fruit user. In my case, I'm gonna use Akainu.

Scenario: After taking some magma fist to the face, Blackbeard finally manage to get a physical grip on Akainu, thus Akainu losing all his powers and strenght while temporarily becoming a regular man. Akainu being a regular man, what can he use to defend himself from a full-on earthquake blow to face/stomach?
Akainu vs Whitebeard

Akainu did get one of those from Whitebeard in the past, which broke a few ribs and made him temporarily incapacitated for a short while. Shortly after, he used his powers to prevent himself from falling to his death. 

But in Blackbeard's case, remember that he has the ability to nullify devil fruits. Akainu proved that he is a smart combatant, who doesn't let his powers or ego get the best of him, only justice. So after figuring out Blackbeard's abilities, it's expected that he would stay, or should I say, 'try' to stay afar and mostly use long range attacks.

It would be quite trouble some for anyone who doesn't have the ability to fly to fight Akainu since his devil fruit powers are awaken. Being that he is fleet admiral, and there's not a single person who wouldn't agree that his powers are awaken. Since that's the case, his opponent is literally fighting a volcano incarnate. The longer the fight drags on, the more the battle field becomes a fiery landscape, with the land itself become boiling magma (or is slowly being consume by underground magma.)

A vivid example of this scene is punk hazard. Which many use as solid evidence to say both Akainu and Aokiji powers are awaken.

With that said, it would be interesting to see how Blackbeard would counteract such an unfavorable environment.

Blackbeard vs Luffy
Blackbeard's black hole attack is like a vacuum for devil fruit users, but none the less, Akainu's attacks have a lot of power and heat behind them. So to decide who the winner of this matchup would depend on each character's durability. i.e: How many earthquake fist Akainu can take or how many Magma fist Blackbeard can take before either finally collapsing?

This is hard to decide which would be the last one standing, cause now both characters are yonkou level with extreme endurance. Blackbeard has never slept in his life, revealed in chapter 966 "Roger and Whitebeard".

Logically you need to rest in order to regain your energy unless you have insane amount or unlimited stamina of course. As Buggy said to shanks, him not being able to sleep was not the point, Blackbeard was a monster from the beginning, only thing he was just hiding his true strength.

Blackbeard vs Akainu

Unlike the matchup between Garp vs Akainu, it is hard to decide which of the two character would actually be the last man standing in this destructive clash. 

But in a personal opinion, I would give the 'win' to Blackbeard. Why? Because any man capable of scaring Shanks is capable of many unthinkable thinks. It's not like shanks was being careless or let his guard down, in other words, shanks was well alert, but Blackbeard still manages to scar him none the less. That is something I would expect someone like Mihawk or Kaido to do.


If you disagree, then your criticism and thoughts are more than welcome. If you do like more  Off screen Vs. battles, then CLICK HERE.

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