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Black Clover manga 245 "Yami vs Dante" review


Yami vs Dante

As expected, the fight between the two was a good one, and that is just the manga. Since the animation has never failed at hyping the manga, then we can look forward to this being a really good animated fight, something like Asta vs Luck (Elf).

The main MVP of this chapter is, of course, Yami, which is a character that most, if not every fan love, especially since he's strong, funny and protective. Reminds me of Zoro (one piece), Escanor (Seven deadly sins), and Jiraiya (Naruto). Hope and prayers goes out that he doesn't share the same fate as the latter two mentioned, as the storyline seems to be heading in that kind of direction since Dante mentioned Yami being the key that connects the "Afterworld" and the human world.

Nothing is wrong if the connection is made and the door is open, releasing many demons, but fans like my self, don't wish to have Yami dead in the process. Cause that right there would be another, Ace, Going Merry, Jiraiya, and Escanor moment. Well at least I for one didn't cry for Escanor, but as for the others, cried so much that I lost my appetite to eat (lol 😁 I'm emotional, don't Judge)

Anyways, post time skip Yami is stronger it seems, he's even bulkier than before. As I mentioned in [Black Clover manga 244 review], the Dark triads were strong but are not on the level of Julius Yami confirmed. That would make sense as to why the writer had to nerf Julius.
Well, in any case, I don't think that is the end of the fight since Dante is only using 50% of powers. Speaking from other anime experience, considering that Dante needs Yami for the story to progress, it's highly possible that Dante will do something that will threaten the lives of his subordinates, forcing Yami in a predicament where he has to choose between himself and his squad members. If he is put in such a tight spot, its obvious what he'll choose to do. But as I said earlier, let's just hope he doesn't die in the process as we are yet to see another qualified person to be captain of the squad of ruffians and weirdos.

Yami landing a critical blow to the leader of the dark triad is no surprise coming from a captain; think most if not all captains are at least capable of doing such. Though Yami might seem to be strongest of all the captains, that is not yet confirmed. As a result, fans are eager to see the other captain in more fights or at least in one that forces them to surpass their limits. #PlusUltra
After witnessing that, then it would be easier to rank the captains on their strength and determine who is closer at being the Wizard king; not including Mereoleona since she is stronger than most if not all the captains, but is not a captain.

Once again thank you for reading, and please share your thoughts as it helps to the livelihood of the discussion.

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