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Black Clover manga 244 "Cinderella Grey" review

The Dark Triad

Black clover mangas are usually very short and don't contain much information to discuss hence why I don't usually review them. However, I decided to share my thoughts and what this chapter 244 had to offer. This first thing that piques my interest was the Dante magic spell, "heavy infight". The chapter did not give much details on what that spell is about or what it does, but if the name of this spell is straight forward, then I would believe that it makes the wizard physical attacks multiple times heavier (stronger). As you've seen, it only took one strike to knock out Asta in his demon form.

The Asta that we know up to this chapter is resilient if anything, so to put him down with one hit, would surely take a lot of power behind it. It is still not clear as to what "The Dark triads" are after, but being demon-possessed, they are very strong. I'm looking forward to seeing if Dante or Zenon are on the Level of the wizard king or even the Licht (elf king). So far from what we've seen, I still believe that they have a far way to go before being able to fight either.  However, what even seen was only just a mere 40-50% of their demon-possessed powers, in other words, there is still a whole lot more to come.

Grey along with Gauche were the two characters I found the most annoying throughout the series thus far. After shedding some light on Grey's past, I can't help but feel sorry for her as I begin to understand that it was her past that molded and shaped her into this low self esteem pessimist. A child being abused and neglected by step-[family] can seriously cause some traumatic scars that could severely impair the mental development of an individual, ultimately causing and being the biggest hindrance to reach one's full potential. In the time where she is needed most, I hope this is where she'll surpass her limits.
Yami vs Dante

If you're also interested in seeing "Dante vs Yami", then please share your thoughts down below in the comment section. What are your predictions for the next chapter? who do you think is stronger? Who do you think will win?

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