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One Piece manga 977 "The Party Won't Start Now" review


"The Party Won't Start Now"

Jinbe: The 10th Strawhat member
Jinbe: The Strawhat Helmsman

At first, reading the title of the chapter, I thought it was making reference to Kaido's fire festival, but instead, it was for the Strawhat's party for Jinbe joining the crew. As I mentioned in my previous review, [CHAPTER 976], "no other Strawhat's recruitment was this much well desired, and greatly anticipated". We all know of Jinbe's strength so it's not hard to believe that he had escaped from Big Mom, but the question is, HOW DID HE ESCAPE? Cause I highly doubt that she just let them walked (or swim) right out of her territory despite how much damage they had caused to her territory, crew (children), and most importantly her reputation.

Base on Jinbe's excuse for being late, it seems most if not all his former crewmates escaped alive, but would that go for only the Sun pirates? The Germa army was also defending the rear for the strawhats to escape, so being outnumbered and overpowered, the Germa probably did something with their technology for everyone to escape. This is my theory, and it's likely that Oda will confirm it through either Chopper, Nami, Brook, Luffy or Sanji. My money is on either Luffy or Sanji as they both care about Reiju since she saved both their lives and was the only one with humanity among the siblings.
Vinsome Reiju
Vinsmoke Reiju

On page 2, everyone was beyond happy about Jinbe's wellbeing and arrival, except Sanji. his drawing gives the impression of him being jealous of Nami hugging Jinbe (LOL.), but none the less, he's happy just like everyone else. Despite Jinbe's popularity, there are some that aren't pleased with him joining the crew, because, but not limited to, Him not having a dream to achieve something like all the other mugiwara. This is ignorance at its purest, cause Jinbe has implicitly and explicitly expressed his desires many times in the fishman island arc. That is to carry on the will of his late brother and Queen, Fisher tiger and Otohime, to have humans and fishmans coexisting, ultimately leading to the Ryuuga kingdom being under the sun rather than at the bottom of the sea.

Zoro feeling alcohol could be foreshadowing that he has a level above basic observation haki or it could a mere one-time funny moment. He gives the biggest smiles when he has booze.

Moving on, once again luck is on Kinemon's side, or so it seems. He was blindly following the plan that Kanjuro had heard not remembering anything, thank God for Denjiro (Haha). Speaking of planning, it seems that Law had learned his lesson about making plans with the strawhats (lol). A lesson well learn! The 2 idiots he mentioned could be either:
  • Luffy and Eustass
  • Luffy and Zoro
But considering that he hasn't made plans with Kidd pirates before (not that we know of), only with the Mugiwaras, and it's always either Luffy running on ahead for a direct confrontation (Remember Enlies Lobby?). When the captain is not around, its the job of the vice-captain to mess things up in his place (Eg: Zoro killing the magistrate). With those pieces of evidence presented, I'm confidently placing my money is on the latter pair.

Raizo's facial reaction to Kinemon's pretense of him knowing what he's doing is funny as hell.

Raizo the ninja

The Strawhats running off on their own was a good thing, cause if the guards at the fortress had spotted the massive fleet of pirates and samurai ships sailing towards the island, then Kaido and his army would've realized what's going on, and all that planning would've been for nothing. The 'jolly pirates' (lol), I meant the Kidd pirates also seems to be doing as they please. They're not following any plan whatsoever and seems to be going in for direct confrontation rather than strategizing with the Heart pirates and scabbards. Luffy being the dunce he is, not realizing that their laughter and joy are fake. Luffy demanding Jinbe to surpass the Kidd pirate to be the first to land on the island could also be referring to the 2 idiots Law had mentioned as well. This could be evidence that it's Luffy and Kidd he was talking about.

As we approach the end of the chapter and this article, we saw Orochi lusting over a girl yet again, Kaido listening to reports from a soldier and Big Mom changing in her kimono, which lift a few questions in the atmosphere, Who the hell is Kaido's son? Since his father is a Yonkou, no doubt that this mofo is strong as fu*k especially since his father doesn't really like weakness. If that's the case, then the Big mom- Beast alliance strength is greater than we first thought. A lot had suspected Kaido having a son with Big mom #katakuri, they weren't so far from the truth. He does have a son, but Big mom is not the mother as they have not yet met. 

Big Mom seems to be enjoying herself with little or no concern for her crewmate/children. Or did she already contact them? If not then she could not only be the biggest thot in One piece, but also the worst mother. By now I would've expected her crew to made it in Wano. Maybe they have and we the reader are still left in the dark but, only time will tell.

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