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One Piece manga 972 "I am Oden! I was born to boil"

The picture above is a clear representation of how I, and many other fans were, after reading the tearful, tragic end of now, one of the fan-favorite, Kozuki Oden. And just as I predicted and stated in [Manga chapter 971] about the people's reaction after hearing the truth has come to past. I quote myself:
"Ignorant to the facts, the citizens all criticized, mocked and hated Oden, but will surely drown in sorrow and regrets after his passing. Probably now that the truth has been revealed, all perspectives of Oden will change in chapter 972."
Admiral Yonkou, Manga Chapter 971 review. 

A lot of respect goes to Shinobu once again, but on the other hand, what is the deal with Fukujuro? Why is he (or they) following Oden so blindly? they knew of the truth, but yet they're willing to disregard the people of the country for the loyalty to a coward like Orochi. Well, this only gives another thumbs up to Zoro for killing most of them, after chasing Hiyori. Though the people from all of the country are now crying for the life of their "lord idiot", all was futile. In fact, Orochi's men started surrounding them with weapons and started attacking all of the mourners without discrimination. Again, I quote myself from 7 most hated characters in One Piece.

"I’m betting my money that there are things yet to be revealed which will make us hate him even more"
Orochi was more frustrated than surprised that Oden was able to survive for so long, that he ordered the temperature of the boiling oil to rise to 700 degrees. That is completely beyond human to achieve.  He survived for the hour as many expected he would, but many thought Orochi would've been the one to kill him, in fact, it was Kaido that pulled the trigger. Though Orochi did order is lackeys to kill all of his retainers, all of them escape with nothing but regrets, memories, and sorrow flowing down their cheeks as they reminisce on how their lives as change after meeting Oden. 
One thing that did took me by surprise is the fact that Kaido was the one that killed the old hag. She was the one that cost Oden to lose the fight after distracting him, but apparently, Kaido was not pleased about that. I guess he does have some honor in a fight than what I gave him credit for in [Why the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance will lose the war].

Oden was truly a respectable man, that even Kaido was showing him respect, in his own way of course,
before shooting Oden in the face #brutal. Though being boiled alive, Oden didn't falter, nor when he
was staring down the barrels of Kaido's gun. He kept his honor and died a respectable death; but not without
asking the retainers to carry on his will. In doing so, he spoke of a great war, with a protagonist in the middle
that would separate the seas of this world. Not to mention, stated that the reason for the closed border was
to protect the country from a "gigantic power", which leaves a "gigantic question mark", 

"What kind of power was that and who did that power belong to?" 


Many have been impatient with the lenght of the flashback, so its obvious that plenty are really happy that its now over and is back to the main story. Though I'm not among the impatient, I'm truly beyond excited to see what Oda has in store for the strawhat pirates and this war.
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