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One piece anime episode 922 review


One piece episode 922 was released recently with Zoro as the main highlight. He got more screen time than any other character, and in those moments Zoro displayed nothing less of being a bad a*s. Tonoyasu, intuition is sharp considering how he figured sticking by Zoro’s side would be the best choice.

Zoro’s “no sword style, dragon twister” scene was the most epic part of the entire episode.
Though that wasn’t apart of the manga, I can appreciate fight scenes like that with well-done animations. However a few would complain that the animation does at times tend to take out/add a few scenes of their own, which can infuriates manga readers. The most recent uproar of a case like this was when Toei Animation, made it seems as if Kaido was actually fighting Luffy seriously. Just one extra scene is enough to twist the views and impressions of the viewers from what the writer was actually trying to give. This can cause a bit of confusion in the long run; in fact, the difference in animation and manga is one of the main reasons why One piece fan base is so divided in opinions. 

Though the anime does depict many of the scenes from the manga in this episodes, but as usual the adaptation is sometimes far off, which can make things less interesting. Orochi’s face and devil fruit was not reveal until at the Shogun banquet, when partying with the courtesans. But the animation revealed both in this episodes while he was blackmailing CP-0. [read Why Orochi is so hated?]


The animation itself was good as usual whenever it comes to the Zoro fight scenes. However, not everyone will appreciate Toei adding extra scenes in the process of adapting to the manga, especially with the fact that they tend to add unnecessary boring extra scenes to drag out the episodes from reaching its climax. But people like myself do appreciate the time and effort they put in fight scenes since Wano arc started, regardless of how far fetched it is from the original source.

My final thoughts

Each time I see a Zoro fight scene, I want more, cause damn, they are sure hyping him more than any other Strawhat member in this arc. What’s even better, is the fact that we are yet to see him go all out. I really hope they keep up the good work, cause I’d be beyond disappointed if the “Zoro vs King” fight gets a crappy animation after reaching that far.

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