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Black Clover review


Why you should watch Black Clover

Black Clover Asta Demon Form

Black Clover is one of the most top-rated anime to date without a doubt. Why? Let’s find out.

At first release of Black Clover, It’s safe to say that I was living under a rock, as I had no idea of its release, nor anything related to black clover. To be honest, I didn’t even have the slightest interest in such.

However, after seeing my girlfriend watching it and enjoying it as she expressed her interest in laughter and amazement, I decided to give it a try, that which I sole heartedly regret.... not watching earlier. If you are a fan of One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach, then you are a fan of Black Clover and you don't even know it.

How? Watching Black Clover, you'll get a nostalgic feeling as if you've experienced all of this before. That's because most of the things that make up this awesome anime, to what it is today are some of the very same elements that make up Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto.

Black Clover vs Bleach

Bleach has 12 Squad, led by their powerful captains, which takes order from a Captain Commander. All of which are for the sake of protecting the world of the living. Black Clover has a Supreme captain as well but is entitled as the Wizard King, and instead of 12, it has 8 captains. All of which are tasked with protecting the Clover kingdom.

Black Clover vs Naruto

Naruto has 5 opposing villages namely, the Land of Earth has Iwagakure, the Land of Lightning has Kumogakure, the Land of Water has Kirigakure, the Land of Wind has Sunagakure, and the Land of Fire has Konohagakure. Black Clover has 4 which are called Clover, Spade, Diamond and Heart kingdom. The character Naruto was one that always failed academically and had little skills as it regards to being a ninja, but as the story progresses on, all that changes as he becomes the number ninja across the whole land (5 villages). 

Asta, from Black Clover, however, has no magic in a magic-filled world which of course causes him to fail as it regards to using magic, and is trying to be the number one wizard #WizardKing in his country so that he can be acknowledged by everyone to prove that even though born as a peasant and without magic, you can be whatever you want in the world. Both have the main character (Asta & Naruto), along with a supporting main character (Yuno & Sasuke) as a rival, which all of whom were ophan at the beginning of the series. Black clover takes most of its similarities from Naruto.

Black Clover vs One Piece

Black Clover yamiThe anime in topic does not take much from One Piece, but as it regards to the comedy, it does seem like it's trying' to rival One Piece. Though One piece is still leading in comedy when compared, B.C does have a lot of funny moments, especially when Yami Sukehiro is on scene. If you're not a fan of One-piece, then you should know that one of the reasons why people are so drawn to it is because of its comedic moments throughout the series.

Black Clover animation

The most grappling thing about Black Clover is the fast-paced action that the anime has. The action scenes are just as good or even better than what Seven Deadly Sins season 2 had. The animation does not 'rinse & repeat' to drag on the anime as what most complaints are about with One Piece. Black clover recently ended one of its major arc, human vs the elves (not its official name), and has just dived into a new arc with demon-possessed humans as the antagonists. As the story unfolds, things seem to get more interesting, as fans such as my self, eagerly await the manga chapters to see fate of the Clover and Heart kingdom.

Is Black Clover Overrated?

Becoming a fan of Black Clover, I guarantee you would not regret it. On a personal rating scale, Black Clover manga/anime on a whole gets a 7/10 ratings.

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